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Unique Pathfinders & Advisory Services (UPACS)

Unique Pathfinders Advisory and Consulting Services (UPACS) provides advisory, consulting and training services for Real Estate and Hospitality Industry. UPACS generally understands that the success of any business is dependent on the quality of the Human resources with the right skill and commitment mindset, so it has positioned itself as a pathfinder and transforming agents of change to completely bring the desired results through quality specialized training, learning and development.

Our Services Area

Our vision : To be the leading global mind-transforming management trainers in the Real Estate & Hospitality Industry.

Our Specialized Services

Legal Drafting in Real Estate

Risk management services

The Art & Principle of business ownership Mind-set

Real Estate Investments and Advisory services;

Hotels & Hospitality advisory services and Customer services;

Tax advisory services in Real Estate & Hospitality;

Strategic Management services.

Human Resources Management in Real Estate & Hospitality;

Unique Pathfinders Advisory and Consulting Services (UPACS) offers excellent training facilitation platform that is highly transformational. It’s a whole multidimensional process of knowledge creation and competence improvements that will generate positive changes in work and personal lives of trainees. Unique Pathfinders Advisory and Consulting Services (UPACS) can parade array of training experts who are highly knowledgeable and certified and able to identify the training needs of every training attendee. Having been a member of the audience at a facilitation by the Principal trainer, Barrister Uju Peace, I can attest that their training is aimed to be inspirational and encouraging, bringing lots of ideas, with relevant case studies and simulations that mimic real-life use.

Lateef Odekunle, PhD, FCA.
Director, Human Resources Development Centre, (HRDC) University of Lagos.

UPACS offers value centered training. Our engagement with UPACS has impacted on our top-line and bottom-line.

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